"To raise awareness and support for women of Kalangarai to realize their abilities and worth to sustain their lives."



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Kayalvizhi lives in a fishing village on India’s southeast coast. Her father died at sea while fishing, leaving behind her mother and 3 children. Her mother is a fish vendor and goes to the fishing harbor very early in the morning, buys fish, takes them in a basket and sells them in the streets.

After finishing 12th standard, Kayalvizhi was unsure about her future. Her widowed mother could not afford to send her to college.  With the support of Friends of Kalangarai, Kayalvizhi was able to enroll in the Community College and learn desktop publishing. She is now completing her internship in a digital shop where she receives Rs. 4000 remuneration and extra money for travel to her internship. When she completes the course in June 2022, there will be a job waiting for her at the shop.



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